Lagging for Conveyor Drum Pulleys

Lagging is primarily used to improve traction capacity, resist abrasive conditions and extend pulley and belt life. The style of lagging required is usually influenced by operating conditions.

Be’RolleX has complete cold or hot vulcanized pulley lagging capabilities. Herringbone, Diamond and Ceramic lagging can be provided with various thicknesses as per the requirement of client. Every step of the pulley lagging process is monitored, to ensure quality and reliability.

Type of Lagging

Herringbone-Groove-LaggingHerringbone Lagging:
This style of lagging is usually influenced by operating conditions. The grooving points do not meet in the middle. This is normally used in drive pulleys with the ‘V’ pointing in the direction of rotation.


Diamond-Groove-LaggingDiamond Groove Lagging:
Diamond or double HBG or double chevron is primarily used for reversing conveyor drive pulleys. Pattern of this lagging makes pulley installation independent of direction of rotation.


Impregnated-Ceramic-LaggingImpregnated Ceramic Lagging:
Ceramic lagging is ceramic tiles molded into a rubber compound. This provides excellent traction, reducing slippage and offering excellent abrasion resistance.

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