Triple Impact Series Seal

Is the result of extensive R&D by the Be’RolleX team. Idler engineering and manufacturing contains Triple-Impact-Series-Sealseveral unique features that produce significant improvements over traditional rollers.

TI Series Idlers Seals: are fitted with three stage highly effective sealing arrangement –

Stage 1 – ‘Revolutionary centrifugal effect seal’ to create virtual barrier for entry of dust laden air into the seal by maintaining positive air pressure during high speed operation.

Stage 2 – ‘Lip Seal’ made out of special polymers to prevent ingress of contaminants and water vapor in to the bearing.

Stage 3 – Contact less, grease filled multi-labyrinth seal which prevents dust entry.
Be’RolleX – TI Seals are engineered for structural, thermal and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyzed in ANSYS and tested rigorously for Dust and water ingress. Its ability to effectively prevent the ingress of foreign particles into the bearing area and provide years of trouble free operation with low roller drag & friction factors.

Be’RolleX Seal components are manufactured from special polymers to ensure long life and resistance to corrosion and vagaries of weather.The grease used is specially formulated to achieve the desired sealing properties. Range of special greases is also available for extreme hot and cold conditions

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